1. DAY 15-19 - Tuesday, April 2nd - Saturday, April 7th 2012 - New Orleans, LA

    So we are now in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here to eat, explore, take photos for my next book, and sell our art at the Freret Market.

    Tuesday, April 2nd - O’Henrys

    Personally, my favorite part about Nola is all the yummy yummy food. Today we were driving around searching for one of the houses I lived in when I was a kid. I turned down a wrong street or two and happened upon O’Henrys. My parents use to take my brother and I here for foot long hot dogs and peanuts. The best thing about this restaurant, which actually appears to be a sports bar, is that you get to throw you peanut shells on the floor. Unfortunately for Sarah and I, they had just swept that morning, so very few shells were on the floor.

    Dont be deseved by the sports bar look, the food is great. You can fill yourself up on side dishes that are only $2.50 each, and pints of Abita Amber for only $2. We had the red beans and rice and crawfish balls, along with our peanuts and beer.

    634 South Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA

    (Source: mishaashton.com)

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