1. DAY 15 - Tuesday, April 2nd - New Orleans

    Snowballs at Plum Street Snowball

    After we found my old house, which was in a bit of a sad state, I took Sarah to my favorite snowball shop. I am always amazed to hear that snowballs are not a tourist attraction. Most people have never heard of them. They may look like simple snow cones, but don’t be mistaken. Snowballs are shaved ice (not crushed), with many many choices of flavoring, and smothered in condensed milk. They also come in a cup, instead of a puny little cone. I got a blackberry cream snowball. Talk about a sugar high, and yet still oh so perfect for a hot 80 degree day. (dont forget your cash)

    1300 Burdette Street  New Orleans, LA

    (Source: mishaashton.com)